Fuck me

All I need is ten minutes of your time. Just take me in any room, lock the door, pick me up and fuck me against the wall…. Is that so hard?



Ever been conflicted… like there’s this huge world with so many things going on but your too fucking tired to go out and see it. Then you convince yourself that you can just do it tomorrow but when tomorrow comes your too tired again. Kinda how I feel right now. I think I just need a break from driving for a couple days. Right now I’m in this cute little town by the beach, not sure the name but it’s one of those places where everyone knows each other. I know I stick out but too tired to move or think about driving for a few days.

chapter 4

I figured out where I was after driving a couple more days. Idaho! Wait let me phrase that again… THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Well any town that you can’t find a Starbucks for more than ten miles is the middle of nowhere in my world. Finally I did find this quaint coffee shop in town. When you walk in the walls are covered in pictures of famous people, half of which before my time but still an impressive setting. I got a cup of coffee which being exhausted from driving every day the coffee was exactly what I needed and sat down on what seemed to be the most comfortable couch in the world at that time.

As I was drinking my coffee a cute country boy sat down next to me. He was wearing dark blue jeans, a red plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, oh and can’t forget about the boots. If the outfit didn’t give the fact that he was a cowboy away the body sure did. I could see the fact that he had nice arms through his shirt.

After talking with him for a while I decided to take this sweet cowboy to the bathroom with me. I grabbed his hand and led the way to the back of the coffee shop and into the bathroom. After locking the door, he picked me up and set me down onto the sink counter. Sliding his hand up my dress he then grabbed my thong and ripped it off. I didn’t think this country boy had that in him… he proceeded by unzipping his jeans and sliding his large cock into me. As he was pounding and pounding into my wet pussy I started leaving scratch marks down his back. It was getting pretty rough but I didn’t care because we were both about to come. Then with two more pounds into me, my whole body tensed up then released and we were done.

As I walked out of the bathroom I noticed the barista and an old women staring at me. I didn’t care because I knew I would never see this town again. Cowboy was freshening up in the bathroom so I wrote him a note on a napkin saying “I had fun,” then got into my car and left.

chapter 2

I didn’t leave because of James which I’m guessing is what most of you thought. I had been planning on leaving for a few months, just waiting on the money aspect. The day after I had slept with James, I got my paycheck from the local video store I had been working at all through high school and my bank account finally reached the magical number I had been waiting for.

As soon as I saw that I had reached the cash goal I packed two duffle bags, told my family I was going, and the next day got into my car and drove off. I think I felt I needed to start over, away from everything or everyone that was trying to control me. My phone was traded in for a boring burner phone with a new number and only my closes family members numbers on it and only they had my number.

I have been driving for a few days now. I have never been more than an hour away from my house by myself before. The feeling is scary but also liberating. Right now I’m sitting in a cheap motel room that looks like the walls are about to fall down and have no idea what town or even state I’m in. Never was good with directions or planning things out. Where do I go next?