Lesbian bar fun :)

Ugh! I miss Josh. I need to find someone to get my mind off of his ass!.. This is going to be hard since he has an amazing ass. I feel kind of bad for not giving him anything back after that amazing orgasm in the woods. Ok never mind time to move on and forget about him! I’m going out tonight. Let’s mix this up, lesbian bar anyone?



Chapter 5

I woke up this morning in a fog. Fuck! I can’t remember anything that happened last night. My head is pounding and my whole body hurts. Well I do remember a couple things… drinking I remember drinking a lot and blue eyes. I was talking to some guy with blue eyes. I don’t think I have ever had that much to drink.. So I can’t really tell you what happened and trust me if I know I would but I can tell you that I have bite marks on my neck, scratches down my back and bruises on my ass….