First time with a girl..

I told you all about my first time having sex with a man but there was a lot more first before that night. So let me tell you about all my other firsts…

Let’s start with my first kiss; I was 15 and met her online. I’ll call this girl JD. We had talked online for a few months till we actually met for the first time in a hotel. My first kiss was on a hotel bed in Monterey. A couple minutes later there was touching… hands going up my shirt, then moving down my back slowly to my ass… Found out at that moment that I actually love having my ass grabbed and my neck kissed. After unbuttoning my shirt her lips slowly went from my neck down to my boobs. Swirling her tongue against my hard nipples I felt her hand going up my skirt; glazing my thigh till she reached my black thong. JD moved her lips and tongue down my stomach till she reached the top of my skirt. Tilting up she pulled off my skirt and my underwear at the same time and laid on her stomach with her head between my legs. As soon as her tongue started moving I couldn’t help but moan but when her two fingers went into me as her tongue was still moving, I had to grab the sheets. As she went faster I started squirming; she had to hold me down with one hand. It kept building as her tongue flicked my clit and her fingers went in and out of my wet pussy. That was the time I had my first orgasm with another person.

The next day we tried a fun toy. A purple strap on. And yes it hurt like a bitch!.. Well for about ten seconds. Now to be honest it did feel good but I didn’t have an orgasm. It was my first time having sex with a dick (even though it was a fake dick) so I didn’t really know what I was doing. It took me a couple years to be able to have an actual orgasm through penetration only.

After sex with a strap on we both took a long shower together which involved a lot of kissing but not too much else until we got out of the shower. I was drying off when JD jumped on the bathroom counter and started watching me. I gave her a little kiss on the lips then moved down her body. I was crazy nervous but something about this felt right. I didn’t really know what I was doing but as a moved my tongue on her clit she started moaning and that’s when I knew I was doing a good job. A little while later her thighs started to shake and she grabbed the back of my head. And that was my first time going down on a girl.


Chapter 7

I went to some random supermarket today and saw this adorable guy. He seemed like just an average cute guy, baby faced with brown hair, tall and not too muscular. Almost as if he was a cute nerd. I never thought too much of him till I noticed he had tattoos going up both his arms. The fact that the tattoos didn’t fit who he was just made him more attractive. He had a story to tell and I wanted to know what it was. As I was leaving he asked me to go with him to a bonfire party thing that his friend was throwing.

There was something about this boy that I can’t get out of my head. He’s too fucking cute.

Well let me start out by saying we never made it to the bonfire which was slightly disappointing since I never been to one before. As we were walking through the woods to get to the party he stopped pushed me up against a tree and kissed me. By the way that is one of the sexiest things a person can do!

His whole body was pushed up against me pining me to the tree. As his lips pressed against mine his hands started to wonder up my shirt to my breast. He slowly squeezed my boob then started rubbing my nipple. I started to feel his erection against my hip. All of a sudden he spun me around so I was facing the tree and pinned me against it. He grabbed my hair and pulled it, forcing me to tilt my head back. I then felt his lips against my neck, lightly kissing his was from the bottom of my ear down to my shoulder. As he was doing this his other hand unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. He reached his hand down my jeans and under my pink lace thong. He started rubbing my clit very slowly. Moving his long fingers around making my legs quiver.

“Your mine now,” he whispered into my ear as he pulls my hair tighter followed by biting my neck. It’s crazy how three little words can make your knees almost give out. His hand starts to increase speed as I start moaning. My nails start digging into the tree when I get close. As I start to orgasm my legs give out and the only thing holding me up is his body pinning me to this tree.

I kind of expected him to want me to give a little back after that but I guess I was wrong. He spun me back around and with a devilish grin on his face he kissed me. I knew the reason he was smiling was because he was proud of himself for the fact I could barely move my legs.

We walked back to the car and he drove me to my crappy little motel. He didn’t leave though which really surprised me; he went into my room and laid on my bed so I laid next to him. He pulled me into his arms and we ended up talking all night till around 4am when we fell asleep.

I left him a note that morning…

Dear Josh,

I had an amazing time last night. I was glad I could get to know you and I hope one day we will meet again.


Isabella Pearl

It was so hard to leave him as he was sleeping but I knew if I staid one more day that I wouldn’t be able to leave.



Chapter 5

I woke up this morning in a fog. Fuck! I can’t remember anything that happened last night. My head is pounding and my whole body hurts. Well I do remember a couple things… drinking I remember drinking a lot and blue eyes. I was talking to some guy with blue eyes. I don’t think I have ever had that much to drink.. So I can’t really tell you what happened and trust me if I know I would but I can tell you that I have bite marks on my neck, scratches down my back and bruises on my ass….