Chapter 7

I went to some random supermarket today and saw this adorable guy. He seemed like just an average cute guy, baby faced with brown hair, tall and not too muscular. Almost as if he was a cute nerd. I never thought too much of him till I noticed he had tattoos going up both his arms. The fact that the tattoos didn’t fit who he was just made him more attractive. He had a story to tell and I wanted to know what it was. As I was leaving he asked me to go with him to a bonfire party thing that his friend was throwing.

There was something about this boy that I can’t get out of my head. He’s too fucking cute.

Well let me start out by saying we never made it to the bonfire which was slightly disappointing since I never been to one before. As we were walking through the woods to get to the party he stopped pushed me up against a tree and kissed me. By the way that is one of the sexiest things a person can do!

His whole body was pushed up against me pining me to the tree. As his lips pressed against mine his hands started to wonder up my shirt to my breast. He slowly squeezed my boob then started rubbing my nipple. I started to feel his erection against my hip. All of a sudden he spun me around so I was facing the tree and pinned me against it. He grabbed my hair and pulled it, forcing me to tilt my head back. I then felt his lips against my neck, lightly kissing his was from the bottom of my ear down to my shoulder. As he was doing this his other hand unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. He reached his hand down my jeans and under my pink lace thong. He started rubbing my clit very slowly. Moving his long fingers around making my legs quiver.

“Your mine now,” he whispered into my ear as he pulls my hair tighter followed by biting my neck. It’s crazy how three little words can make your knees almost give out. His hand starts to increase speed as I start moaning. My nails start digging into the tree when I get close. As I start to orgasm my legs give out and the only thing holding me up is his body pinning me to this tree.

I kind of expected him to want me to give a little back after that but I guess I was wrong. He spun me back around and with a devilish grin on his face he kissed me. I knew the reason he was smiling was because he was proud of himself for the fact I could barely move my legs.

We walked back to the car and he drove me to my crappy little motel. He didn’t leave though which really surprised me; he went into my room and laid on my bed so I laid next to him. He pulled me into his arms and we ended up talking all night till around 4am when we fell asleep.

I left him a note that morning…

Dear Josh,

I had an amazing time last night. I was glad I could get to know you and I hope one day we will meet again.


Isabella Pearl

It was so hard to leave him as he was sleeping but I knew if I staid one more day that I wouldn’t be able to leave.




chapter 4

I figured out where I was after driving a couple more days. Idaho! Wait let me phrase that again… THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Well any town that you can’t find a Starbucks for more than ten miles is the middle of nowhere in my world. Finally I did find this quaint coffee shop in town. When you walk in the walls are covered in pictures of famous people, half of which before my time but still an impressive setting. I got a cup of coffee which being exhausted from driving every day the coffee was exactly what I needed and sat down on what seemed to be the most comfortable couch in the world at that time.

As I was drinking my coffee a cute country boy sat down next to me. He was wearing dark blue jeans, a red plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, oh and can’t forget about the boots. If the outfit didn’t give the fact that he was a cowboy away the body sure did. I could see the fact that he had nice arms through his shirt.

After talking with him for a while I decided to take this sweet cowboy to the bathroom with me. I grabbed his hand and led the way to the back of the coffee shop and into the bathroom. After locking the door, he picked me up and set me down onto the sink counter. Sliding his hand up my dress he then grabbed my thong and ripped it off. I didn’t think this country boy had that in him… he proceeded by unzipping his jeans and sliding his large cock into me. As he was pounding and pounding into my wet pussy I started leaving scratch marks down his back. It was getting pretty rough but I didn’t care because we were both about to come. Then with two more pounds into me, my whole body tensed up then released and we were done.

As I walked out of the bathroom I noticed the barista and an old women staring at me. I didn’t care because I knew I would never see this town again. Cowboy was freshening up in the bathroom so I wrote him a note on a napkin saying “I had fun,” then got into my car and left.