chapter 4

I figured out where I was after driving a couple more days. Idaho! Wait let me phrase that again… THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Well any town that you can’t find a Starbucks for more than ten miles is the middle of nowhere in my world. Finally I did find this quaint coffee shop in town. When you walk in the walls are covered in pictures of famous people, half of which before my time but still an impressive setting. I got a cup of coffee which being exhausted from driving every day the coffee was exactly what I needed and sat down on what seemed to be the most comfortable couch in the world at that time.

As I was drinking my coffee a cute country boy sat down next to me. He was wearing dark blue jeans, a red plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, oh and can’t forget about the boots. If the outfit didn’t give the fact that he was a cowboy away the body sure did. I could see the fact that he had nice arms through his shirt.

After talking with him for a while I decided to take this sweet cowboy to the bathroom with me. I grabbed his hand and led the way to the back of the coffee shop and into the bathroom. After locking the door, he picked me up and set me down onto the sink counter. Sliding his hand up my dress he then grabbed my thong and ripped it off. I didn’t think this country boy had that in him… he proceeded by unzipping his jeans and sliding his large cock into me. As he was pounding and pounding into my wet pussy I started leaving scratch marks down his back. It was getting pretty rough but I didn’t care because we were both about to come. Then with two more pounds into me, my whole body tensed up then released and we were done.

As I walked out of the bathroom I noticed the barista and an old women staring at me. I didn’t care because I knew I would never see this town again. Cowboy was freshening up in the bathroom so I wrote him a note on a napkin saying “I had fun,” then got into my car and left.


Chapter 3

Do you ever get that why where your just insanely horny. Maybe on this trip I should have a goal to sleep with as many men as possible and women. This is probably the most stupid idea ever but what the hell, you only live once, right?

how it started…

I’m not your average girl next store; well actually, now a days, I probably am. First I like to point out that I can’t spell worth shit and these stories I’m about to tell you about my life are not “lady like” so if you don’t like it then just leave because I probably won’t read anyone’s comments anyways.

Now about me… well starting off my name is Isabella Pearl, born in a decent size town with normal parents ….. blah blah blah…. Now for what most people think are important, what I look like; I have long wavy blonde hair with light pink cascading down the ends, a few small tattoos spreading throughout my body and scars down my left arm.

Yes I put the scars there myself with a razor blade while in a crazed depression or whatever you think the reason should be because I don’t really believe I was depressed, just like the pain and blood. This is why I said I wasn’t like most girls except for the large number of self harm teens that are now growing into what seems like an enormous number of people. And to answer your questions, no I don’t still do it, yes I hide it every day with long sleeves and nobody knows about it except a small number of people which include a crazed ex-girlfriend who is now a guy (yup true story and no not the reason we broke up) and my best friend.

One of my other friends learned about it though; interesting enough it was also the same night I lost my virginity. His name is James… I knew him for a couple months as we had met online and became good friends shortly after. James is what I would call a genius; which he refuses to admit. Smart is sexy but him being 6”4’ really takes the cake or body. But I didn’t want a relationship and he agreed that for both of us it just wasn’t the right time. Except things kind of changed one night…

It was dark and pouring rain when I got to James’s house. He lives in a small apartment over the garage at his mom’s house which is appropriate since he is only 19 (a year older than me). I couldn’t wait to get inside because the short length, long sleeve silk sundress I had chosen did not match with the storming weather. I knew it would be cold that night so I added leggings that stopped just above the knee and a sweater that flowed to the floor; very bohemian which is mostly my everyday style. Now as I said I knew it would be cold but I didn’t realize it was going to turn into a full on rain storm in the hour drive it took to get to his house; so yes I was freezing and jumped into the house when he finally opened the door.

I have been to James’s place a few times before; it was comfortable and warm which I was thrilled about at that point. I took off my sweater which was now wet from the rain and went straight for his bed and under the covers to try and warm up a little more. He laughed then grabbed his laptop and got in next to me. We always watch movies on his computer since he didn’t have a TV or cable. We talked for awhile while waiting for his laptop to turn on and for the movie to load. By the time the movie started he was laying on his back with the laptop on his abs and me on his side. James had his arm around me with his hand on my hip holding me tight, I thought because he knew I was cold. I was on my side leaning into him with one of my legs over his and my eyes locked onto the screen.

Ten minutes into the movie I could feel his hand lowering down my hip onto my butt. I was going to stop him but it felt harmless at the time. James’s hand moved lower down from my butt to my leg then back up bring with it my dress. I tried to reach my hand down to stop him but he grabbed it with his other hand. “James…” I whispered.

“Just watch the movie.” His tone was as though nothing was happening. His hand was now on my butt again only now my dress was pulled up onto my waist. He lightly glazed his hand over my black lace panties then moved his fingers to the middle of my butt and down to the where the back of my legs meet my cheeks. I couldn’t help but let out a moan but then being slightly embarrassed I tried to let my arm free to stop him but he held it tighter. He then moved his hand lower and slid his middle finger inside me. I let out another moan which made him increase his fingers speed of going in and out of me. The rhythm of his fingers sent shivers up my spine; I started breathing heavy and grabbing his shirt.

Suddenly he stopped, kissed me on the top of my head and stood up. I was so lost. He then turned off his laptop and set it onto the table in the corner of the apartment. He then looked at me with these piercing blue eyes that were insanely intense. I could tell just from that look alone that he wanted me and there was nothing I could do to change his mind.

As he started walking towards me he slowly took of the white t-shirt he was wearing revealing his carved abs, then climbed on top of me while I was laying on my back in the bed. James took both my arms and pinned them down then kissed me with such passion that it sent shivers throughout my body. He only stopped kissing me for a brief second to slip off my dress and take off my bra and panties. His lips were soft yet used force making my lips spread apart long enough so he could slide his tongue in. I had never had sex before this day but I could tell that with a tongue like that he could do serious damage to an innocent little girl like me.

His lips left mine and travel down my neck. Light kisses switched off with little bites as he went lower. As he passed my breast he sucked on each nipple while flicking his tongue. I couldn’t help but move my body as he did this. The feeling was so intense that it was hard for me to stay still. He tried to keep me pinned down as he kept moving further down with his lips.

Each inner thigh received a light bite fallowed by a gentle kiss. Then he gently kissed my clit once and moved his tongue from my clit to inside me and back up to my clit again. His tongue circled around as my back started to arch then I felt his finger inside me again. This movement was driving me insane. I was getting close. Then all of a sudden my head tilted back and my legs started to shake as his rhythm increased and I couldn’t take it anymore and I came.

James lifted his body up onto his knees and slipped off his pants revealing everything to me. He then climbed back on top of me and slowly slid his penis in me. It was slightly painful but that feeling soon subsided as he picked up his pace. Soon the rush of feelings came back and I could feel my legs start to shake. As I was close to coming he started rubbing my clit and moving faster. In and out, in and out.. I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as I came for the second time. I felt James pound inside me two more times than with a third one he let out a grown just as loud as mine.

I woke up the next morning exhausted. The blankets were surrounding me and James was no were to be seen. I took his absents as an opportunity to brush my teeth then shower. When I got out of the bathroom he was sitting on the bed holding two cups of coffee. He set the cups down on the night stand and stood up not saying a word. I wasn’t sure what he was doing so I just stood there feeling very uncomfortable in just a towel. James grabbed my scarred up arm and examined it. I had forgotten all about it till that moment and there was no going back from here.

“Never again will you do this.” He whispered in a demanding voice as he softly set three kisses down the center of my arm. I said ok, and he never spoke of it again.

Two days later I got into my car and left town never seeing James again.